Tuesday, June 15, 2010

story: babies on deck

Rose told me that when she brought her son to Percy Norman Pool when he was a baby he could play and sleep on the deck of the pool!

This was curious at first to me and I thought that this must be because she worked at the pool...so she had special privileges... but no, this was standard practice at the time! In the late 1970's, moms could come to the pool and swim and do aquafit and have their kids right there looking on - from the pool deck!

And then I found the picture below in the Percy Norman Archives!

What a great idea!

Except now the kids have to be in day care separate from the moms....

No judgement from me, things change - I know...

but, I can't help thinking what a good idea that is...and I always seem to love things from the 1970's.

by lisag

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