Tuesday, June 15, 2010

story: emergency situation

When I called Riley Park Community Centre I was put on hold today.
When someone came on the line to talk to me they were distracted. Their hand went over the receiver and I could hear muffled talking.

I guess there was an emergency situation going on.

When she got back on the line to talk with me I learned there was indeed an emergency... in the pool.
I asked what happened.
I was told that someone had puked in the pool.

PUKED in the pool?

I was intrigued and horrified.
I guess this kind of thing happens...a public establishment and all.
I just never even considered it.

I asked about the procedures for this kind of emergency...

Well, the pool is heavily chlorinated, but first it is evacuated.
All the folks get vouchers to return on another day.
The swimming classes were cancelled.
It fully shut the pool down!

Shut down!
Of course!
What else could you do?
I just never even considered it.

This kind of emergency isn't normally talked about.


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