Friday, June 11, 2010

story: Bead Freaks

Kayla runs a store on Main St. called Bead Freaks. She met with Lisa W one afternoon to tell her how her store began.

"I opened six years ago this September. I've always been at this location (4412 Main St), although I thought at first that I'd wanted to be on Commercial Dr. I almost moved in there but there was already another bead store there and I didn't want to take away from her business, although it has since gone out of business. This store has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, it's a complete labour of love. My mom imported things as her job while I was growing up. She would send me little packages, and I remember being so fascinated by them.

I know a lot about metaphysics and it's not something I push on people but if people ask I will talk to them about it. If you need something I find you are drawn to it anyway and don't usually have to ask for it. I always say, "Just look around." By this I mean, if people need grounding in their lives they are usually drawn to a stone that helps with that. Kyanite is good for taking negative energy away and providing focus. Two of my girlfriends bought pieces of Kyanite, one put hers in front of her computer screen and it turned brown and broke. The other friend put hers in her meditation room and it is still blue and fine. They say it absorbs radiation. I'll give it to people who have been through chemo therapy.

Stones were developing in the ground for millions of years and I don't like to push it but there has to be some sort of energy in them. Beads used to be currency for a long time, you know? First Nations people used to use beads to throw on the land as an offering before they settled on it. I have an energy reader who comes to the store on Saturdays. She just sits down and starts consulting your guides and her guides. She will ask you a random question like, "What's your favourite cookie?" and that helps her read your energy. It's fun to do.

I am so thankful I get to travel for my job. I go to China, Indonesia, Hong Kong. This (Above) is the girl I bought baskets off of in Bali. I sell them low so that they will sell and I can keep supporting the basket makers. (Below: More photos from Kayla's trip to Bali!)

From Indonesia I get all these glass beads. These are recycled beer bottles, these are televisions screens (pictured below)!

I sort of forgot that this was what I always wanted to do. My friends remind me. I have been blessed with friends who have helped me, especially with all the cabinets and drawers and renovations here.

I try to keep my prices real, I try not to gouge things. You shouldn't have to charge people more than they can afford and people should be able to walk away with something nice for themselves. I often get people coming in here for movies. People from the A-Team movie came and cleared me out of carved skulls and stuff. I can't wait to see the movie. One day I had Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Renolds come in. They were looking for stuff for their designer friend. They bought some wooden beads, Ryan modeled them for us. She looked gorgeous and not a stitch of make up on.
I am so thankful to be around lovely people that are just bopping around the store looking for cool stuff so they're not in a stress-y mood or anything. I want to stay in this location for as long as I can. I don't know what other neighbourhood would be right. I've been really lucky here. Beads are a destination spot, if they are a true bead freak will seek you out.

Above: Grub the shop dog.

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We miss seeing Kayla at the Bowen Island Market!