Friday, February 26, 2010

story: percy norman memorial pool

Here is the Percy Norman Memorial Pool, 1965 and 2010. The image on the left is from the Riley Park Archives, and was taken 5 years after the pool first opened. The image on the right was taken by Artist Intern Lisa W.
Curious for more history about the Percy Norman Pool? Click on this link.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

story: queen elizabeth park

10 plus years sees an obvious change in tree and plant growth in Queen Elizabeth Park, but also in the style of clothing and the advent of colour photography!

The picture from 1964 is courtesy of the Riley Park Archives.

The picture from 1977 is courtesy of Ester and Niels Nielsen, the parents of artist in residence Lisa g. Lisa g is wearing the red pants with her cousin Jan from Denmark!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

studio: introducing...

To the left Artist Intern Lisa Walker and to the right Artist in Residence Lisa g ...
Look for us - we will be hanging around Riley Park Community Center from March until June, sipping tea and coffee hoping to learn more about Riley Park and you!

Here is a little info about us:

Lisa g Nielsen...(image from a workshop in Hazelton, BC)

Lisa g is a multidisciplinary artist who has enjoyed expression through photography, performance and the written word. As graduate from Vancouver Film School Lisa g has been focused for the last 10 years in the digital media realm. Her short videos (live action and animations) have traveled the globe and collected awards along the way. Obsessed by real stories by real people, Lisa g currently finds herself exploring the history of Riverview Mental Hospital through a trilogy of tales combining Super 8 film and interviews - Asylum is part one. Lisa g has been teaching digital story workshops with the National Film Board of Canada all over BC and the Yukon for the past 5 years. Check them out: Our World, Playing it Safe, Tales from Bridgeview and Life Stories.

Lisa Walker...
Lisa W is a photo-based artist born in the small town of Kitimat in Northern BC, Canada; she is currently living in Vancouver. She holds her BFA in Photography from Emily Carr University. Walker examines identity, self-representation, history and race through her artwork. She displays her inner thoughts and personal struggles through a visual language, which often results in images from her daily life, images of herself, and of her family. As a half Haisla First Nations and half British female, Lisa attempts to comment on binaries, barriers, and explore duality in identity. Often her work is a very personal comment on how it feels to learn about the histories of her family, the history of Canada. Photography offers Lisa the chance to record each moment, and to archive her own history and tell her own story. She attempts to bridge unspoken gaps, to reach out through imagery in order to encourage others to relate, to remember and to create dialogue.
Please check out her online portfolio here.