Thursday, May 27, 2010

story: Walden Building


courtesy of superdubey

This historic landmark
is located at 4120 Main Street
(25th and Main)


Anonymous said...

You failed to say that for the longest time the Walden had great under priced rent and made affordable living on Main St.. It was only in recent years that the building was renovated and given upgrades to cause the owners to do rentals "at market rates" of around $1000.00 a month.

Windsor meats ran the North retail space for many years. One can still see the parts of the metal meat hanging rack in the ceiling near the window. Then a bicycle shop moved in, a child's clothing store then Loumark. Unfortunately the music shops stay there was short lived. Just around 1 year, now the space is empty. Phil S. Home owner in RP since 1999.

Anonymous said...

Having grown up in this area, it frustrates me now that I can't remember the name of the bicycle shop! I remember its unique sign made of metal bicycle parts and that the store later up the street, further south. It's probably long gone now... (my brother argues it's the A-1, but I'm certain it isn't).

I've wondered lately what it was before the bicycle shop though.

Anonymous said...

2 bedroom currently listed for $1780 a month at this place as of current posting date, my my how the times have changed...