Friday, May 7, 2010

story: Nothing is as it appears to be

When I first came to Vancouver faced with no job and a very expensive city to rent in, I chose to live out of my car. Which was a brand new Toyota Matrix with tinted windows. This car is actually designed to sleep in. A sleek looking set of wheels parked in front of your house. No one would make assumptions. I quickly found the Main Street area to be my place of comfort. Cool record stores, saucy Cafe barrista's and wannabe fixies who think blowing their knees out is cool.

I was recovering from a sprained ankle procured from the Blowmedown's in Newfoundland. Sometimes tele skiing sucks. Rehabilitation for me was found in the pool. And perfect for $40 a month you can frequent all city pools. As living in a car showering proves to be difficult. Percy Norman became my favourite. Great lane swimming with no Kits jocks and not too many old fogies wanting to race me.

Then of course off to Nester's for a bite and Re-Entry to catch a bit of cool. What a fantastic neighborhood. Funny enough I met the girl of my dreams at Re-Entry, who happened to live on Main and 28th. A love story in it's own for sure. Then moving in with her. Couldn't exactly invite her back to my place. But sadly after 2 years the partnership ended. No longer leasing a Matrix, I find myself living on Ontario and 33rd. Something about Riley Park. I use the kids playground as my gym and run laps around the fields. Pavement is not my thing. I love it here and have fond memories of my car house days. Too many stories to tell. And excited to see what comes next. Remember nothing is as it appears to be.

---Zak Knight---

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what a lovely story.