Saturday, May 8, 2010

story: Pool parties, dance parties!

Two stories from Erin G!

I have lived in the Riley Park neighbourhood for 9 years. I live at Ontario and 23rd, just along the bike path in the house with the white dog in the window. Everyone in the neighbourhood knows the house because of the dog, and there is usually lots of bikes locked to the front steps. Our dog is like the ambassador of the bike path.

I have a pretty great story about our house:

There was this heat wave in August about four or five years ago and it was the hottest week ever. My roommates and I decided to go buy a 3 ft deep kiddy pool, big enough for the three of us and a couple of friends to sit and drink beers to cool down. It was in the front yard; people who were biking by used to stop and sit with us in the pool to cool down.

Eventually the landlord complained because it was "unsightly" and asked us to put it in the backyard. I was dragging the pool into the backyard when I guess I must have nicked it a tiny bit and didn't realize. I started to pump it back up again when I got it into the backyard, and filled it up. I went inside to phone some people to come over for a pool party.

The neighbours that lived in the basement had taken their dog for a walk. My boyfriend and I heard what sounded like a waterfall! I ran to my window and looked outside and saw that the pool had collapsed and all the water had flown into the bottom floor.

All the neighbours had heard the noise and were standing around watching. I started screaming; we grabbed all the blankets and towels we could find and ran downstairs to sop up all the water. The whole basement was soaked! I tried throwing buckets of water up the stairs but of course it just kept falling back downstairs. We worked so hard and so fast trying to get all the water cleaned up that my arms were sore for days. We somehow managed to clean it all up before my neighbours got back from walking their dog! You couldn't even tell anything had happened, it just looked a little cleaner than it was before!

So that was the end of the pool parties.

I also have a great story about Cinephile, where I've worked for about 5 years.

I decided that Friday is the most fun day to work, since you get the happy before dinner rush, and the slightly drunk after dinner rush. One night last summer I made a party playlist for the after dinner crowd. At about 9 o clock that song Hey Ya by Outkast came on. I was playing it pretty loud as the store was empty. But then a huge rush came. I noticed that people were slowly and quietly bopping their heads to the music, getting more and more into the song. Eventually, everyone noticed that everyone else was also into it and began to dance a little more. It turned into a full on dance

party! It was about 10 people who just danced for a little while, then stuck around and made friends! It was so hilarious!

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