Friday, April 16, 2010

story: Seniors Diving Club

Seniors have been getting together 5 mornings a week to practice their diving at the Percy Norman Memorial Pool for many years.

They truly are an inspiration for all ages in the fine art of health and friendship!


megumi said...

this is beautiful. there is so much joy in all your voices!! i love that so much thinking happens at the 'bottom of the pool'. thank you for sharing - i'm inspired to go for a quick dip ;)

Always wondering said...

It looks likes so much fun, and I love the way Vivian says that she is just playing and enjoying herself.
Way go go.

L. Walker said...

i love this video. i am so inspired! great job lisa g.

emilie obrien said...

i love this video too! i love the frames, and the story...good job indeed lisa g.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to collect these stories and create this video. I don't think people realise how much community building happens at that pool. It's a real family ... where people talk/ bicker, solve problems, help one another out... it's informal self care and community care at its best!

I grew up going to Percy Norman and my father Frank is profiled in the clip. Words can not explain how proud he is to be a part of that neighbourhoods history. How happy it makes him to know that part of his life story is "told" so to speak. I am so proud of him and all those profiled in this video clip.

I hope when I am their age... I remember to live my second childhood. Scrap that. I want to live my second, third and fourth childhood now.

Riley Park Stories said...

I am so happy this video resonated with all of you!

I am also glad to hear that Frank (one of the divers) is pleased as well!

truly, we can all benefit from this kind of community!

4kidsonMain said...

I have been swimming at Percy Norman for about 15 years -all 4 of my kids have taken lessons there (big shout out to Rose, Morgan and Jason!)and we swim in the Mercy Norman Swim Club. I love swimming laps Monday mornings and watching these guys dive....they are all that is good in community -celebrating what we have in common instead of moaning about our differences. I love the flippered warm ups too!