Monday, April 19, 2010

story: louis on the roof

I decided to have a bbq last summer and invite some friends over at my place, near 28th and St. Catherines. We were all sitting out on the porch eating our delicious meal when we looked up and suddenly saw my cat, Louis, on the roof. He must not have been getting enough attention from us, so he was showing off his cat-skills. I had never seen him do this before. My friends were terrified he would fall, or not be able to get down.

This is a blurry image of Louis (the shape in the centre) on the roof.

And our friend trying to help him get down from the roof.

It didn't work! We settled back down, assuming he would be fine. A few minutes later someone exclaimed,
"Louis is on the telephone pole!"
He had leapt across to a pole next to the house and climbed swiftly down the pole, (going down face-first!) jumped onto a neighbor's porch and jumped to the ground from there, making it safely to the ground. He did a good job showing off, 'cause we were all pretty impressed.

-Nicole T.



Anonymous said...

That cat's got skills!

Anonymous said...

mad skills