Thursday, March 25, 2010

story: seniors diving club

left to right : John Lung, Helen Au, Ket Fong So, Young Dai Wah, Vivian Kitchel, David Tsang, David On, Chung Pak Chow, Duc Huynh (missing Frank Torjek and Young Moo Lan)

left to right: David Tsang, Vivian Kitchel, Chung Pak Chow, Ket Fong So

Frank Torjek

Helen Au and her husband David On

John Lung

Ket Fong So

Young Moo Lan (Suzanne) and her husband Young Dai Wah

Vivian Kitchel and David Tsang

Chung Pak Chow

Duc Huynh

Vivian Kitchel and David Tsang

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Cass said...

This is wonderful! I will definitely share this with Vancouver's Granpaparazzi team.